Forever Your Father


Forever Your Father is dedicated to ensuring all children, particularly those denied access to a loving parent for reasons beyond their control, know some relationships never end.
Forever Your Fatherの願いは全ての子供、特に自分でコントロールできない理由で親と面会出来ない子供が、親子という関係を持てる環境を作ることです。
Forever Your Father also respectfully reminds the adults involved that every child deserves responsible, loving parents in their lives. Be that parent and allow your child access to the love and affection of their father/ mother.
Forever Your Father は大人たちに、全ての子供の生活には責任の取れる、愛情を注いでくれる大人が必要であることを忘れないで欲しいです。正しい決断をして、子供にパパ・ママの愛情を受けさせてください。
Like life, Forever Your Father is a work in progress. Please check back frequently for the lastest updates. Thank you.
 人生と同じで、Forever Your Fatherは未完成品ですので、時々サイトにアクセスしてください。常に私たちの生活とサイトの改善に努めています。

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May, 2010- An Op-ed Piece by Craig


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Open Letter on Family Law Reform
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Spencer's Birthday

Spencer Turns 3




Amelia was born September 17, 2008. Her father was finally allowed by the court and her mother to see her when she was almost 7 months old. After patiently waiting for 18 months, the court determined 1 visit/ month was acceptable on the condition Craig and Spencer remain living in Japan. They have still only seen each other less than 12 times.



       September 4th, 2006 was the best day of my life. At approximately 9:30 am, my first child was born. Spencer passed his first test. He scored exactly 1 point (out of 10) on the Apgar scale. The only reason he got that 1 point was because his heart was still beating, albeit barely. Within minutes he had raised his score to 4.


Amelia's Birthday

A picture of Amelia taken shortly after her first birthday.



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